Nutrient Syringe Kit (8" & 12" Needle) 100ml Nutrient Syringe

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  • 100ML  Nutrient Syringe 
  •  8" & 12" Stainless Steel Needles 
  • Raised Measurement Markings for Easy Readings 

Looking to optimize your garden with liquid nutrients? Look no further than our Nutrient Needle Syringe, the ultimate solution for precise measurements in your setup.

Liquid nutrients have become a staple for plant nutrition, yet the market is flooded with bottles that lack ergonomic design for accurate pouring and measuring. Even a slight over-measurement can detrimentally affect your plants' growth. Say goodbye to guesswork and potential burns with the Inside Hydro Nutrient Needle.

Crafted with a 12-inch & 8-inch removable stainless steel needle, the Inside Hydro Nutrient Nutrient Needle easily reaches the bottom of any nutrient bottle without awkward tipping, preventing costly spills and ensuring precise measurements every time. Its 1/4-inch diameter guarantees durability, able to withstand the rigors of garden maintenance.

Constructed with highly durable polycarbonate and stainless steel, the  Inside Hydro Nutrient Needle provides maximum visibility for accurate measurements, with raised markings that resist scratching and wearing off. Revolutionize your plant feeding routine with the Nutrient Needle and watch your garden thrive like never before.

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All In One Kit

Stainless Steel Needles
All kits include two stainless steel needles. 8" and 12" in length with a 1/4" diameter that ensures durability.
Polycarbonate Syringe
Our syringes are made of the highest quality polycarbonbate plastic. Thick, clear and scratch resistant.
Raised Milliliter Readings
All syringes come with rasied mL markings to ensure they never wash off and you always have a clear reading. 0 - 100 mL
nute needle Nutrient Needle kit Nute Needle

Stop Pouring

Get exact measurments quicky and easily. No more spilling.
nute needle nutrient needle syringe nute needle
nute needle the nute needle nutreint needle

Time is Money

Save time by qucikly getting exact mesurments. Bottle to syringe to mixing barrel. Cut out the middle man.

Spilling is wasting

Spilled nutrients is money down the drain.

Reach the unreachable

The 8" or 12" needle allows you to reach the bottom of just about any nutrient bottle on the market.
nute needle nutrient needle syringe nute needle
How to Use

Inside Hydro Nutrient Syringe

nute needle nutrient needle syringe nute needle nutrient syringe 8" and 14"
step 01

Pick the right sized needle based on your nutrient bottle

Most times the 8" needle will do the job. When youre getting close to the bottom of a bottle the 12" needle is here for you.
nute needle nutrient needle syringe nute needle
step 02

Load Syringe into bottle and pull up for exact measurements

Easily see exactly how much nutreints you have loaded with rasied mL markings.
nute needle nutrient needle syringe nute needle
step 03


Now that you have your nutrients measured out its time to feed.

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