Cannabis Cultivation from home in depth guide

Complete step by step guide. Learn how to grow top shelf cannabis from the comfort of your own home. 

A guide by @insidehydro

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Course Content

This course focus is on growing in deep water culture, but these methods can be applied to any growing medium 

A list of what you need

Getting your grow space setup correctly is unbelievably crutial to your end product.  

Germination & Vegetation

Sprouting your first seeds & feeding your plants! 

Flowering Stage 

Time to pack on the flowers! 


Harvest & Curing 

The best drying and curing tecnique to ensure your harvest is top shelf.

Diseases & Pests  

Just in case something goes wrong. 

Exclusive techniques for yielding 1/2 pound + per plant  

5 steps to ensure every harvest is a good one! 

Course Curriculum

Your first grow is a lot easier with someone by your side. 

Growing can be complicated the first few times around. This course consists of 14 sections and 40+ lessons so you can skip the trial and error. 

Personal Support

All students can ask me @insidehydro questions directly. 

We're Growing too

New course lessons and content added monthly!

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Begin learning right away! 

we dont just grow, we grow the best 

Learn how to grow exotic flowers just like this 


Take it from our customers. 

Filled in a lot of blanks i couldnt find online. 

Frank Mehann


Not sure if i would have made it through my first grow without this. I keep refering back every time i forget something 

Chloe Phaneuf


This course saved my grow! 

Jasper Bettencourt


"The course is very imformative and very helpful. I would reccomend this course to anyone starting out. Everything you need to know to grow monster plants in DWC"



"i loved the course bought it and it"s amazing"



Frequently Asked Questions

What can i expect to yield per plant?

In this course i go over my exact technique for pulling 1/2 pound per plant. Alot of times we pull much more! 

How long does it take to grow ?

The typical strain takes 3 months to grow from start to finish. 

Can i ask questions 1 on 1?

Yes. There is a discussion section where you can ask question directly. 

How long is the course?

The course is currently 10 sections with over 20 video lessons.
Content is still being added monthly, one time purchase awards lifetime access.  
Cannabis Cultivation From Home - Complete Guide
Inside Hydro Grow Guide - Course - Course
Cannabis Cultivation From Home - Complete Guide
Inside Hydro Grow Guide - Course - Course

Cannabis Cultivation From Home - Complete Guide

Cannabis Cultivation From Home - Complete Guide,

Complete Step by Step Guide 
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