The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders In The USA
At Seedsman, we aim to bring you the biggest range of quality cannabis genetics possible. Therefore, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s premier breeders to offer you a vast selection of diverse strains. Whether you prefer a long-established breeder or are looking to try some of our emerging and exciting new partners, we’re confident you will find only the best genetics available.
We choose our partners carefully, because quality and performance of genetics matters when it comes to cannabis cultivation. Therefore, we stake our reputation on not only our own products, but on the best products of our partner breeders. You can rest assured only quality genetics make it to our catalogue.
Authenticity is as important to us as it is to you. When you buy select breeders’ seeds from other outlets, there’s often no way to guarantee the products you receive are authentic. But when you buy from Seedsman, all seeds arrive in the original breeder packaging – that way you know you’ve received authentic seeds with genuine origins.
Our range of seeds carries everything you’d need and includes feminised, regular, autoflowering and FAST cannabis seeds. Click on breeder logos for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - SeedsMan

Is ordering through Seedsman secure?

Of course! The Seedsman website carries the McAfee Secure Site trust mark.


Enjoy a secure shopping experience with Seedsman. SSL encryption technology keeps all your personal details safe. The company carries out all debit or credit card transactions through SagePay.


Does Seedsman offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, Seedsman ships to every country worldwide. Please check the laws in your country and state to make sure that you can legally purchase and receive products from Seedsman. Visit the company’s website for more information.

Where can I find Seedsman discount codes and promotions?

Seedsman releases promotions every month. Sign up for the company’s newsletter and follow it on social media to stay up to date, and get goodies and an exclusive Seedsman promo code.

Where do I enter my Seedsman promo code?

When you are done shopping, simply enter your discount code in your shopping basket.

How can I get free seeds from Seedsman?

Seedsman offers free seed promotions on every order and when you buy from select breeders. Simply sign up to get notifications about exciting deals and promotions.


About Seedsman

For the past twenty years, Seedsman has sat at the forefront of cannabis innovation. As the first seedbank to commercialize autoflowering and CBD genetics, we passionately pursue new and old varieties, focusing on selecting a genetic library with a diversity of unique traits.

Our story began in 2002 when two cousins founded Seedsman with a deep love for the genetic heritage of cannabis and a vision to connect the world’s greatest breeders. They created an international network of experts and innovators by travelling the globe searching for seeds, expertise, knowledge, and culture. The company evolved and expanded from these humble beginnings into a leading seedbank where collectors can access the highest-quality seeds from the world’s best breeders.

Together we have created our premium cannabis strains and developed one of the most diverse and comprehensive seed catalogues on the planet. With thousands of cultivars on our ever-expanding seed library, we are blazing a trail towards a more heterogenous cannabis industry that can cater to the needs of every medical and adult user.

As the cannabis legalisation movement gathers pace worldwide, so does the need for continued innovation, improvement, and increased accessibility to pedigree genetics. Seedsman was founded upon these principles and we remain committed to the enhancement of plant health, seed quality and selection.

Welcome to Seedsman, where the spirit of cannabis lives.