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About Pulse

Pulse is an agricultural data platform that combines hardware, software, and cloud to enable indoor growers to optimize quality, improve yields, and prevent crop loss.

The Mission

Our mission is to make growing safe, simple, and worry free for growers of any size.

We work every day to create the best monitoring tools and sensors on the market. We want growers to be empowered by their data, and to rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong in one of their grows, they'll be alerted about what's happening, and be enabled to correct issues before major damage is done.

We believe that these types of tools should be simple to use, and accessible for every grower.



    Make your next crop your best.


    Pulse Pro, the ultimate grow room monitor, lets you track and optimize every essential environmental condition in your grow, and will send you instant alerts if something goes wrong.



    Get the full picture of what’s going on in your grow:

    ‍💨 CO2

    ☀️ PPFD/PAR & DLI

    🌈 Spectrometer



    Improve consistency and quality with 24/7 live and historical data:

    ☁️  Vapor Pressure Deficit

    🌡️    Temperature 

    💧   Relative Humidity 

    💡   Light Intensity 

    🌱  Dew Point



    Get peace of mind with our cross-platform app:

    • Instant, reliable alerts, customized for your grow
    • Unlimited number of sensors, locations, and WiFi networks viewable on one dashboard
    • Integrated memory to store and sync data in case of connection loss
    • Day & night averages for any selected time period
    • Connectivity & power outage notifications
    • Works on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac



    Pulse Pro is designed and manufactured in the USA, uses Swiss-made and Austrian-made sensors, and is backed by a one-year warranty. If you have any questions or problems, our US-based support team is standing by to help, and if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, we offer quick and easy hassle-free returns.