Cannabis Home Grow Blueprint


Welcome to the home grow blueprint. The one stop shop where you can learn how to grow your first cannabis plant from home hydroponically in deep water culture.  This is a complete step by step guide. 
You can now skip years of trial and error and get it right the first time. 
This course will be updated and added to monthly. 
One time purchase allows you full access to the course and community. 

This course includes:

  • Introduction
  • What you need
  • The Basics 
    • Grow Area Setup
    • Temp & Humidity Guidelines
    • Light Schedule 
  • Germination 
    • Germinating your first seeds
  • Vegetation
    • Mixing Nutrients 
    • Water Level 
    • PPM & PH
    • Feeding Between Mixes 
    • My Personal Nutrient Schedule 
  • Flowering
    • Flowering Stage
    • Flushing
  • Harvest and Curing
    • Harvesting your crop 
    • Drying & Curing
  • Diseases & Pests 
    • Avoiding & Curing Root Rot 
    • The importance of Cal-Mag
    • Other deficiencies or excesses
  • My exact technique on yielding 1/2 pound + per plant
    • Step One 
    • Step Two
    • Step Three
    • Steps Four & Five 
Start growing medical quality cannabis today!


This course will be updated monthly, One time purchase awards lifetime access.
No more second guessing, learn how to grow just like me. 
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 We all love exotic strains but who wants to pay dispensary prices?

Learn how to grow your own top shelf cannabis from the comfort of your own home 

This course covers everything from start to finish & if you still need help you can ask me directly.

Cannabis is still illegal in many states. This course is intended for people in legal cannabis states. Check your state regulations before purchasing.