Troubleshooting Common Cannabis Growing Problems: Solutions and Prevention



While growing cannabis, even professional growers face immense issues. Although it is quite stressful to know your crop is deteriorating, however, this is just an opportunity to learn and level up your cultivation knowledge. There are many issues with cannabis growing, however, dealing with them is like solving a mystery. Nothing is exciting about faltering crops, but it is an important skill.
Scroll through these common issues that cannabis farmers face and also review the solutions. Keep these in your arsenal as you start your journey towards cannabis growing.

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Nutrient Deficiencies:

Problem: Having proper nutrition is essential for your crops to be healthy. If it is turning yellow, then these telltale signs show your crop is not receiving the necessary ingredients.
Solution: Give your crops the necessary nutrients through a proper care routine.

Cannabis Pests and Diseases:

Problem: From slugs to spider mites, from aphids to fungus gnats, the cannabis crop is attacked by these insects all year long. If you keep your yield indoors, it is essential to keep the crop clean.
Solution: Keep your growing area clean, change your shoes, wash your hands and tools, and use fans for fresh air. If you're growing outside, try planting other things alongside your cannabis to keep pests away.

Watering Problems:

Problem: Nutrient problem also occurs when it is watered too much or too little. This can lead to rot in the roots.
Solution: You can use a tool to check that the top layer of soil is dry before you water these crops further. This helps in avoiding over-watering the cannabis plants.

Environment-Related Issues:

Problem: The wrong light, crazy temperatures, and other environmental things can mess with your plant's growth.
Solution: You need to have a light schedule for your cannabis crop. Don’t put the light too close to the crop and strictly follow the schedule. The temperature can be controlled through fresh air, air conditioning, and getting rid of high levels of humidity.

Overcoming Nutrient Deficiencies:

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) are some of the most important nutrients that cannabis plants require essentially. Some problems are associated with these nutrients. Let’s delve deeper into those issues and find the solutions

Nitrogen Deficiency:

Symptoms: Slow growth and yellow leaves.
Solution: Make sure your plant gets enough nitrogen for good growth.

Phosphorus Deficiency:

Symptoms: Stopped growth, small size of leaves, and a bluish-green shade.
Solution: Phosphorus helps cannabis plants to grow and overcome its nutrient deficiency.

Potassium Deficiency:

Symptoms: Yellow or brown edges on leaves, small buds.
Solution: Overcoming potassium deficiency helps in preserving strong and healthy cannabis buds.

Calcium Deficiency:

Symptoms: Leaves change color and tips curl, the whole plant gets brittle.
Solution: Use fertilizers with calcium to fix the problem.

Nutrient Lockout:

Problem: Too much food or pH problems can lock nutrients away from your plant.
Solution: Adjust how much food you give, don't overdo it, and use fertilizers with good stuff for your plant.

Cannabis Pests Prevention

Cannabis growers face the headache of bugs that attack in all shapes and sizes. Let's look at common cannabis pests and how to deal with them.

Spider Mites:

Symptoms: Leaves turn yellow, and you might see tiny webs on your plants.
Solution: Spot them early and get rid of them fast.


Symptoms: Leaves curl up, and bugs might be green, black, or brown.
Solution: Use soaps that kill bugs to get rid of them.


Symptoms: Leaves turn yellow, and bugs leave a sticky substance behind.
Solution: Bring in bugs that eat these whiteflies and use special mulch.


Symptoms: Leaves change color and shape, and bugs leave a sticky substance.
Solution: Use neem oil or soaps to keep these bugs away.

Fungus Gnats:

Symptoms: When cannabis starts turning yellow and stops growing properly.
Solution: Use tiny worms that eat these gnats and sticky traps.

Common Cannabis Diseases

Mold, root rot, fusarium wilt, leaf spot, and the HLVd virus pose serious risks to cannabis plantations. Understand the disease problems and their resolutions as follows:


Types: Botrytis and powdery mildew.
Solution: Choose plants that resist mold and keep humidity levels just right.

Root Rot:

Symptoms: Leaves get sad and yellow.
Solution: Don't give too much water, make sure the soil can drain well, and get rid of sick plants.

Fusarium Wilt:

Symptoms: Leaves turn yellow, plants get sad.
Solution: Make sure the soil drains well and use special medicine to fix it.

Leaf Spot:

Symptoms: The leaves turn yellow and may have black or brown spots on them in some cases.
Solution: Don't water from the top, let air move around your plants, and use medicine for plants if needed.

HLVd Virus:

Symptoms: Plants don't grow well, buds stay small, and leaves look weird.
Solution: Keep everything clean and start with seeds instead of clones.

Water-Related Cannabis Problems

Small cannabis crops are negatively affected because of giving too much or too little water. It is important to understand these problems and their solutions.


Symptoms: Overwatering can lead to root rot and nutrient problems.
Solution: Let the soil dry between waterings and check it with a tool.


Symptoms: Plants don't grow well.
Solution: Water when the top of the soil is dry, and use a tool to check.

Humidity and pH Issues

Making sure your plants have the right amount of humidity and the perfect water pH is key. Let's check out these common cannabis growing problems:

High Humidity:

Problem: Mold and mildew love high humidity.
Solution: Keep the air moving and use fans to avoid high humidity.

pH Problems:

Problem: Sudden heavy rains can affect water pH.
Solution: One has to maintain a certain pH level of the water so nutrient uptake is easier for the crops..


In conclusion, cultivating cannabis is an art in itself which requires proper understanding. Although all these problems may seem very overwhelming however, this does not mean that there are issues with cannabis crops all the time. Growing the cannabis crop is quite fulfilling and although challenges are many but the yield is always of high potency.
It is essential to review your crop daily, identify the problems and troubleshoot for solutions for a successful yield every time. Farming is an art form that requires a lot of patience and compromises. If you are ready to face challenges while growing cannabis, then you will receive a wealth of knowledge on this journey. It will equip you for the future and provide you with lessons you may not be aware of beforehand. This experience will make you a professional cannabis harvester, but patience is the only key.

Full Grow Guides On Our Youtube Channel

FREE Grow Course How to Grow Weed At Home

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