Smoking in Your Grow? Experienced Growers Explain Why Smoke Contaminates Your Grow - Cannabis Cultivation

Smoking in a cannabis grow room is a bad idea for several reasons.

Firstly, smoking can introduce harmful chemicals into the grow room that can damage or kill the plants. The smoke from cigarettes and other tobacco products contains a variety of chemicals, including tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide. These chemicals can settle on the leaves of the cannabis plants, clogging their stomata and preventing them from taking in the carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis. Additionally, the smoke can also cause physical damage to the leaves, making them more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Secondly, smoking can also introduce pests into the grow room. Many pests are attracted to the smell of tobacco smoke, and if they find their way into the grow room, they can quickly multiply and wreak havoc on the plants. Additionally, the ash and butt ends of cigarettes can also attract pests, as they provide a food source for many insects.

Thirdly, smoking can also affect the quality of the air in the grow room. The smoke from cigarettes and other tobacco products contains many harmful pollutants, such as particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. These pollutants can build up in the air, making it difficult for the cannabis plants to breathe and potentially causing respiratory problems for the grower. Additionally, the smoke can also affect the humidity and temperature levels in the grow room, making it more difficult to maintain optimal growing conditions for the plants.

Fourthly, smoking can also affect the taste and smell of the cannabis. The smell of cigarette smoke can linger on the plants and affect their aroma, reducing the quality and appeal of the final product. This can be particularly detrimental for cannabis growers who are growing for the purpose of producing high-quality, premium buds for medical or recreational use.

Finally, smoking in a cannabis grow room can also put the grower at risk of legal problems. In many states, cannabis cultivation is a strictly regulated activity and growers can face penalties if they are found to be in violation of any regulations. Smoking in the grow room could be considered a violation of safety regulations and can put the grower at risk of penalties, fines, and even criminal charges.

In conclusion, smoking in a cannabis grow room is bad for the plants, pests, air quality, taste and smell of the crop, and the grower's health. It is important to maintain a clean and smoke-free environment to ensure the best results for your plants. Growers should refrain from smoking in the grow room or nearby to avoid any potential damage to their plants and the final product, as well as potential legal issues.

Paul Farley (@PureOrganicsGlass):

“I prefer not to smoke in the grow. As a cultivator of medicine, I believe it is my job to keep the plants as pure and unadulterated as possible. I don’t think my patients really want second hand smoke plants let alone plants that grew up in a late 90s bar atmosphere…the plants told me they prefer when I don’t smoke in there…So it usually happens once or twice during the cycle but I treat it as medicine so it’s a different philosophy. I feel the first five years of a growers life maybe it’s cool to sit in there and smoke and then you just evolve. Could be wrong though; people got their own style.”

Colin Gordon (@ethoscolin)

“[It is] unequivocally bad to combust anything inside of a room that is supposed to be clean and sterile. With proper ventilation in good room, it’s unlikely to get pathogens from one time, but making a habit of smoking in a room is like buying a huge amount of lottery tickets; some of that material that is combusted at some point may have a pathogen that may be released through combustion. Some pathogens are critical and can kill entire crops, but the only confirmed case I’ve ever seen from tobacco mosaic virus confirmed in a lab was from someone smoking cigarettes.”

Ralph Zitzman III (@ZitzGlass):

“I do know at the first dispensary I worked in, a test on flower failed because the grower had just smoked a cig on a break and then handled a bud (he smoked a lot). The test data said the plants had been exposed to a whole bunch of harmful shit…I feel like the MED compliance people even said cigarette smoke or nicotine can cause, or make the plant more prone to some plant fungal infection but I’m not %100 on that…I did stop smoking blunts in the grow room after that back in 2015.”

Ashley Casto (@ashleyyaaasto)

“I will not smoke someone’s product if I know they smoke in their grow. I’m incredibly selective about who I buy flower/concentrate from because of this too. Papers, I don’t mind, but tobacco products are a no for me. One guy I work for doesn’t allow any smoke of any type in his garden or in the trim room- and that’s the only guy I’ll take flower from.”

Land of Stank (@LandOfStank)

“You can get tobacco mosaic virus on cannabis from smoking or handling cigarettes or blunts then going into your grow and touching plants stripping leaves. You’ll see it more from organic tobacco, too; American spirits are notorious for that.”

Ellyn (@b0nghits):

“So the answer is *if* TMV (tobacco mosaic virus) can spread to cannabis plants, then yes, it is harmful. Supposedly it has been observed on hemp so it is a definite risk to smoke cigarettes in a grow or even go smoke and not wash your hands before touching plants. Really, it’s just gross to smoke in a grow anyway and unprofessional imho.”

Jason Nguyen (@jason.exxo)

“Not sure about cannabis plants but when growing pepper plants, I has some plants die and I think it was purely because I was vaping nicotine. After I heard that was an effect it could have, I started a whole new batch and always made sure to wash my hands and never smoke around the plants and they did just fine.”

Takeaways -

Smoking and vaping in a grow room, especially with tobacco products, can have a negative impact on the health and growth of your plants. This can be especially detrimental for cannabis growers, as even a small amount of residual chemicals from smoking or vaping can affect the quality and taste of the final product.

When smoking or vaping, the harmful chemicals and carcinogens in the smoke can settle on your hands and clothing. If these chemicals are not washed off properly before handling your plants, they can be transferred onto the plants and affect their growth and final product.

As a grower, it is important to remember that your plants are living organisms that deserve to be treated with care and respect. Subjecting them to secondhand smoke and harmful chemicals can not only inhibit their growth, but also compromise the quality of the final product.

Instead of smoking or vaping in the grow room, consider alternative methods for relaxation or meditation, such as listening to music or taking a walk outside. By keeping your grow room smoke-free, you can ensure that your plants are living in a healthy and safe environment, leading to better growth and a higher quality final product.

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