Do your cannabis plants need Cal-Mag?

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As you can probably already tell today we're going to be talking about your plants need for cal-mag. We're going to go over the importance of cal-mag and also if or when it needs to be supplemented.

We'll also look at what a cal-mag deficiency and excess would look like.


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What is cal mag?


Cal mag is a term for any calcium magnesium additive

That you use along with your base nutrients

Calcium is important for plants to grow properly


Plants use calcium use to strengthen the foundation of the cell walls and the efficiency of photosynthesis and we all should know how important that is

So it can be argued that this is one of the most important element for your plants health

There are many different forms of supplements like cal-mag, calimagic or organic things like dolomite lime and worm castings. I don't use organic things personally so I cant really add much about that but I know people these have worked for.


Now that we know its important, is a supplement necessary?

Well it depends on the medium

If you're growing in soil,

You may already have calcium and magnesium in your soil depending on the quality, high quality soils wont need much supplementing if any at all.  If the soil you're using is high quality and the nutrient line your using  has some cal-mag already in it then there's a good chance you wont need to supplement at all.


Same thing goes for dwc or hydro like me. If you're using a base nutrient that already has cal-mag in it Like the one I use, GH flora series 3 part and tap water then you probably wont need to supplement because tap water has cal--mag in it already it just needs to be broken down to be absorbed by the plant.

If you're using r/o water than a cal-mag supplement may be necessary because the water will be pure with no cal calcium.


Just as a side note the cal-mag found in tap water is not readily available for your plant due to the fact it takes some time to break down where as the cal-mag found in a supplement you would buy is already ready to be absorbed by your plant immediately.


Alright so we know generally when we would need to supplement or not but your plant could tell you otherwise

Lets look at a deficiency / excess

Alright guys that's pretty much it, supplement accordingly but don’t stop there ALWAYS READ YOUR PLANTS and adjust your supplementation if necessary.

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