TrimBin Harvest More Trim Bin, Black
TrimBin Harvest More Trim Bin, Black

TrimBin Harvest More Trim Bin, Black

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Brand: Harvest More

Color: Black


  • ✅ PACKAGE INCLUDES - 1 Top Bin with 150 Micron Stainless Steel Screen, 1 Bottom Bin with Mirror Finish, 1 Static Brush. The Trim Bin has been professionally designed by growers and cultivators in the industry to allow workers to trim faster, process more product and make the most money possible at every trimming job.
  • ✅ HIGH WALLS FOR EASY TRIMMING - Unlike other products on the market, the innovative Trim Bin features a high-walled design that keeps the work contained and minimizes messes from flying bits of trimmed herb. Quickly and easily separate buds from leaves & stems with plenty of room in the tray as you manicure the final product.
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC LAPTOP TRAY DESIGN - Trim all day in total comfort - from anywhere! The Trim Bin comfortably rests in your lap and lets you work relaxed at a table, in a chair, on the couch, outdoors or anywhere else conducive to your workflow. Engineered with ergonomic rounded arm grooves to reduce stress injuries and increase productivity.
  • ✅ COLLECT TONS OF EXTRA KIEF - Get the most value out of your herb! The top bin includes a built-in, ultra-fine 150 micron stainless steel mesh sieve screen to catch all the extra kief that would otherwise be lost to the tray. Scrape it off the bottom bin and collect it with the static brush for pressing. Made in California from 100% recycled plastic.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

model number: HGC741100

Part Number: HGC741100

Details: TRIM BIN COMPLETE SET – BLACKAre you a professional trimmer or seasonal “trimmigrant” looking to make the most money possible and trim pounds in total comfort?Are you a grower looking to increase yields and salvage every last bit of sellable product from your harvest?Trim faster, avoid repetitive stress injury and get the most from every single plant in the garden with the Trim Bin by Harvest More!PRODUCT FEATURES:1 Top Bin w/ 150 Micron Stainless Steel Screen (Interchangeable)1 Bottom Bin w/ Mirror Finish Collection TrayHigh Molded WallsErgonomic Lap-Friendly DesignEasy to CleanPortable and Stackable100% Recyclable PolypropyleneUSA Made in CaliforniaIncludes: 1 Static BrushOur goal is to engineer and manufacture the highest quality, most user-friendly products in the horticulture industry. The first step in revolutionizing the way people harvest was creating a portable, contained workspace that is comfortable and designed around the human body.Many years of experience have allowed us to fine tune every angle, curve, and dimension to make the Trim Bin a valuable tool for the most labor intensive phase of your operation.TRIM TRAY ERGONOMICS: WORK SMART WITH THE TRIM BINAvoid back pain, tight shoulders, neck pain, wrist cramping and overall discomfort when you trim with the Trim Bin. This effective and high-functioning trim tray system refuses to sacrifice on comfort and good health, fulfilling the twin goals of WELL-BEING and PRODUCTIVITY.Wide, rounded edges prevent wrist pain and the lap-friendly design lets you move away from the table for ultimate relaxation. Turn any chair or couch into a cozy workstation! Sift, catch and scrape up kief that would otherwise be lost to the tray!Work smart with the Trim Bin. Your body will thank you. Click ‘ADD TO CART’ or ‘BUY NOW’ Today!

EAN: 0713757640237

Package Dimensions: 16.6 x 15.8 x 5.7 inches