Tribus Bloom Microbes (250mL)
Tribus Bloom Microbes (250mL)

Tribus Bloom Microbes (250mL)

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Brand: Impello Biosciences


  • Impello Biosciences Tribus Bloom mobilizes phosphorus and solubilize potassium. Helps eliminate pH problems by increasing plant uptake of nutrients over wide pH range
  • Impello Biosciences Tribus Bloom produce enzymes and other biochemicals that mobilize nutrients and aid in nutrient uptake
  • Impello Biosciences Tribus Bloom can aid in micronutrient uptake in deficient conditions.
  • Impello Biosciences Tribus Bloom maintain root health and surface area for optimum water and nutrient use efficiency (WUE/NUE)
  • Impello Biosciences Tribus Bloom populate the rhizosphere with powerful beneficial bacteria

Details: Tribus Bloom increases flower quality and yields by maximizing nutrient availability and promoting growth through billions and billions of plant-microbe interactions. The increased stress tolerance and nutrient availability from Tribus Bloom maximize plant health, while biochemical reactions in the roots speed up the plant's metabolism and enhance productivity. 1-2 ml per gallon

EAN: 0708210981408

Package Dimensions: 6.4 x 3.6 x 1.5 inches