Spectrum Y LED Grow Light - 880 Watt,  UV+IR
Spectrum Y LED Grow Light - 880 Watt,  UV+IR
Spectrum Y LED Grow Light - 880 Watt,  UV+IR
Spectrum Y LED Grow Light - 880 Watt,  UV+IR
Spectrum Y LED Grow Light - 880 Watt,  UV+IR

Spectrum Y LED Grow Light - 880 Watt, UV+IR

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Model Spectrum Y 
Spectrum Y+ 2x UV&IR Bars (100 Watt)
Spectrum V1, F1, VS, FS
V1, F1, VS, FS
PPF(light output) 2184 μmol/s 2376 μmol/s
Wattage 780 Watt 880 Watt
Efficacy 2.8 μmol/J @277 AC 2.7 μmol/J @277 AC
Coverage 5x5 Feet 5x5 Feet
Fixture & Dimensions 46.46'' x 44.88" x 2.76" 46.46'' x 44.88" x 2.76"
AC Input Voltage  120-277VAC, 347-480VAC,50/60Hz 120-277VAC, 347-480VAC,50/60Hz
Max Operating Temperature 95°F / 35°C 95°F / 35°C
Mounting Height ≥ 12'' (30cm)Above Canopy ≥ 12'' (30cm)Above Canopy
Thermal Management Passive Passive
Dimming 0-10V 0-10V
Gross Weight 14.5KG/PC 31.96lbs 15.9KG/PC 35.04lbs
Life Span >50,000hours
Warranty 5-Year Warranty | 1-Year Warranty for UV-IR Addon


Spectrum Y LED Grow Light

For Spectrum Y, everything is exactly the same except that spectrum Y doesn't have LCD display. The fixture can not be used separately, it has to go with Spectrum X. 

It also pulls 880 watt from the wall and delivers powerful 2200 μmol/s PPF output with 2.8 μmol/J high-efficacy that helps you effectively optimize plant growth, enhances the quality, and cuts operational costs. It comes with two UV+IR bars which can be turned on and off on Spectrum X. The body of the fixture is crafted from the strongest grade Aluminum alloy and engineered for maximum durability.

The commercial growers can sync 50 pieces of spectrum Y lights with one Spectrum X and control them simultaneously. In other words, the 50 pcs of Spectrum Y act as workstations and Spectrum X as a master. The growers only need to control the master to make the stations work together. No matter which spectrum, lighting level, or any light cycle set on Spectrum X, the Spectrum Y lights can complete the same work.

Each Spectrum Y is featured with balancing dampers. These are simple mechanisms that allow you to adjust fixtures to any angle you want. You can hang Spectrum Y on your own or take a little help from a friend.

Our lights are designed by the growers, for the growers and the growers come first. Great thanks to several indoor growers for providing us access to their grow rooms for testing our state-of-the-art Spectrum X and Y, an innovation for hydroponic growers across the world.

Spectrum Y LED Grow Lights Features

  • 8-bar configuration allows for application in indoor rooms, on vertical racks, over benches, and even in grow tents.
  • High efficacy (2.8 μmol/J). PPF up to 2184 μmol/s.
  • Work together with Spectrum X.
  • One Spectrum X can control up to 50pcs of Spectrum Y lights. 
  • Embedded dampers make installation much easier.
  • Two UV & IR bars. 
  • Sosen Driver


Connect with Spectrum X

 Connection with Spectrum X

Same diodes as Spectrum X

Spectrum Y diodes


Two Detachable UV & IR Bars

Spectrum Y also has two UV & IR bars, and both of them get the power through the sidebar of the light.

uv bar gets power through side bar

uv bar gets power through side bar-1


four spectrums

PPFD Distribution

PPFD distribution-1

PPFD distribution-2


spectrum Y dimension