Ez-8 LED Grow Light - 1000 Watt
Ez-8 LED Grow Light - 1000 Watt
Ez-8 LED Grow Light - 1000 Watt
Ez-8 LED Grow Light - 1000 Watt
Ez-8 LED Grow Light - 1000 Watt
Ez-8 LED Grow Light - 1000 Watt

Ez-8 LED Grow Light - 1000 Watt

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Spectrum V1 Full Phase
PPF(light output) 2700 μmol/s 
Wattage 1000 watt 
Efficacy 2.7 μmol/J @277 AC
Coverage 4x4 Feet; 5x5 Feet;
Fixture & Dimensions 46.93" L x 46.93" W
AMP 120-277V AC,347-480V AC,50/60Hz
Max Operating Temperature 95°F / 35°C
Mounting Height ≥ 6” (15.2cm) Above Canopy
Thermal Management Passive
Dimming 0-10V
Weight 30.8 lbs/14kg
Warranty 5-Year Warranty


Ez-8 Medic Grow

EZ-8 represents powerful LED grow lights for indoor plants we've ever made. It puts out more light than many other LED grow lights as well as a 1000 watt HPS lighting solution. The wattage can be programmed up to 1000 watts to suit specific requirements.

This LED grow light puts out a full spectrum suitable for all phases of growth. It is designed especially for grow tents and several lights in a commercial operation. Covering 5x5 / 6x6 for both veg and bloom, it has been one of our most productivity-enhancing LED grow lights. 

We design and build the LED fixture with one thing in mind: long-term usage. Therefore, Ez-8 is equipped with heavy-duty aluminum which can be worked in harsh commercial growing conditions with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Furthermore, its 8 removable and replaceable bars make it easy to install and transport, and the integrated knob dimmer allows you to easily reduce the power output if you’re growing seedlings, or increase the power when blooming. 

As a grower, we all know that the light spectrum has a huge impact on the efficiency of photosynthesis. Since 430 nm and 660 nm are both the strongest driving force for the photosynthesis of your medical plant, we created V1 spectrum which has a balanced wavelength covering all the phases of your growing.

Each of our indoor plant's LED grow lights can be used individually or chained together in a commercial application. It is easy to use, plug and play, and requires little maintenance, so long lifespan operating costs plus easy installation gives you the best bang for your buck!

Best Features:

  • 5x5, 6x6 Coverage
  • Full Spectrum - From seed to harvest.
  • High PPF - 2700μmol/s
  • Daisy Chainable - Up to 75 lights
  • Dimmable - OFF- 40%-60%-80%-100%
  • Easy Installation - Plug & Play
  • True 1000w Power Consumption

medic grow ez 8 light best features

medic grow ez 8 full spectrum medic grow ez 8 dimming knob
When you think about indoor growing, you should think about Medic Grow Ez 8 model. It is one of the best sole light sources for you. Like Fold 8, it is also an energy-efficient LED grow light that helps plants grow using full-spectrum lighting at a lower cost. The above chart shows the PAR range, which is the spectrum of Ez 8 light plants use for photosynthesis. You can see that the peak of photosynthetic efficiency falls in the red and blue spectrums of the PAR range. Blue light is responsible for plants production. Plants need blue light to develop strong, healthy leaves and stems. And the red light is for making plants buds and produce fruit. The brightness of Ez 8 LED grow light can be adjusted from 40% -100% intensity based on the needs of plants growth. You can power down the light during the early stage of the plants and save a bunch of money. When paired with our lighting controller, you will shut down the light at 5%. Please remember to turn the knob to EXT when connect the unit with a controller.
medic grow ez 8 ppfd readings medic grow ez 8 hanging ppfd readings
The PPFD values are shown on the chart above. We've measured the PPFD at 6”, 12” and 24” distances in a 5X5 ft grow tent and we clearly see that the higher up the light is from the sensor, the less intense (lower PPFD) the light becomes, but the PPFD levels in the outer edges increase as the distance increases. The above chart shows center spot values at various distances. We recommend 18w fluorescent lamp hang around 6" for seedling stage, an Ez8 model at 24" for veg and at 17" for flowering stage. Also, please consider increasing CO2 concentrations when PPFD exceeds 1000μmol/m2/s

medic grow ez 8  grow in 5 x 5 grow tent

medic grow ez 8 easy installation

medic grow ez 8 daisy chain

medic grow ez 8 daisy chain

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