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Earn 30% Commision on every course you help sell!

How to start earning money

  1. Sign up
  2. Once approved you will receive a unique link specific for you
  3. Share, post and talk about the course with your specific link
  4.  When someone purchases through your link you receive a commission for each sale 

You get 30% of course sales sent to you every month! 

Existing Affiliate Marketers already know what a good deal this is, and they know what to do, so all you guys can click here now. Thanks a bunch we’ll see you inside!


For the rest of you ‘budding’ Marijuana Affiliates, here’s a bit more: A lot of people are making a lot of money through Affiliate Marketing, no question. And I bet you’d like to make money on the internet too, easily if you could. However, the continuous ‘sales’ activities typical Affiliate Programs require can simply discourage those people who don’t like to sell, who don’t have all the technical skills, or perhaps the time.

This course sells itself. After all, everyone wants to grow weed. 

Simplicity for Cannabis Affiliates

I think so and I think you’ll agree. I firmly believe that everyone should, and plenty will, be growing their own stash soon. Really, what better way to encourage the whole world to get into the spirit of growing? All while everyone makes a decent extra income on the side! Naturally, as a fully-fledged Weed Affiliate Program, we give you everything you need to operate as a true affiliate if you choose.

You Get

  • Your own unique Marijuana Affiliate ID
  • All the images, banner ads, and links you need
  • Training, tutorials, tips, and tools that tell you exactly what to do
  • Powerful software that automatically tracks all your transactions
  • And all the support you expect from a true, professional Affiliate Program

All you need to do is place your unique Marijuana Affiliate ID links anywhere you have an internet presence. They can be on your websites or on your Facebook and other Social Media pages. You can send bulk emails, text messages, or create a blog. You can write articles or contribute to forums. You can even use Google AdWords or Pay Per Click campaigns if you choose. The possibilities are literally unlimited, and so are your earnings! Every single time someone clicks on one of your links and buys a course from the insidehydro store, you receive 30% of the total amount these visitors spend. Think about it, if only three people a day spend the average order value of $100, you make:

$2700 EVERY MONTH as a cannabis affiliate!!

And you hardly did anything to generate that, so just imagine what you could earn if you put in a little effort! Plus, once you get going, you’ll feel your excitement grow each day. Through your Affiliate Account, you can check your daily statistics at a glance, see the number of visitors you’ve sent, the number of page views, the number of clicks, and the number of sales you’ve generated. Of course, you can watch your earnings grow too! So, everyone, I hope I’ve planted a seed (pun intended) and that I’ve inspired you to get into Affiliate Marketing the EASY way, with inside hydro on your side.

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